Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital was a teaching hospital in Seattle, Washington.


Seattle Grace Hospital and Mercy West Medicial Center were orginally two separate medicial facilities but in 2009, due to the economic climate, they merged to form one medical facility. Due to the merger and large amount of staff between the sites, many employees were fired due to "budgetart constraints" both before and after the merger (notably Dr. Isobel Stevens and Dr. April Kepner).

Seattle Grace Hospital was used as the location for the new Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital.

As of Idle Hands, the hospital is officially renamed "Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital" as voted upon by the new board of directors.

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There are medical doctors who have privileges at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital, despite not being on staff, which allows them access everything that medical/surgical staff at Seattle Grace Mercy West would be normally entitled to, such as use of ORs, access to patient files, administration of medications and use the pharmacy and clinical labs, access to treatment equipment, including treatment in the ER and trauma bays, and nursing assistance.

Privileges are usually extended to attending-level physicians and surgeons.



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  • After the merger with Seattle Grace Hospital, Seattle Grace Mery West Hospital continued its long tradition for all new incoming interns called the Intern Appy.
  • Attending psychiatrists and attending radiologists are the only doctors shown to have their lab coats emroidered with their department on the second line.
  • Even though the hospital is named Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital, the hospital is often reffered to as Seattle Grace.

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