Season 12

September 24, 2015
May 19, 2016
Region 1
August 30, 2016
Region 2
October 3, 2016
Region 4
Let the sun shine.

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The twelfth season of Grey's Anatomy premiered on September 24, 2015 and will consist of 25 episodes. It is broadcast on Thursday nights at 8PM on ABC as part of the TGIT lineup.

Summary Edit

The doctors find themselves simmering in a world of sexual politics. Bailey struggles with what it means to be a woman in charge of the hospital and her husband, while Maggie faces the challenges of dating a younger man and Amelia battles her own demons. Meanwhile, in the wake of a brutal attack, Meredith finds comfort and love in the most unexpected place, Callie and Arizona find themselves in a fight for their lives, and tensions run high when Amelia and Meredith come face to face with the doctor responsible for Derek's death.

Plots Edit

  • Maggie and Amelia move into Meredith's former house.
  • Meredith starts to give an anatomy class to interns and is later named Head of General Surgery.
  • Alex and Jo move to a loft. He proposes twice and Jo rejects him.
  • Bailey becomes the new Chief of Surgery and Ben deals with the aftermath.
  • Callie has a new love interest, Penny Blake, one of the doctors who worked on Derek when he died.
  • Meredith, Maggie, and Amelia throw a dinner party where Callie introduces Penny.
  • Penny transfers her surgical residency to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.
  • Owen and Amelia's relationship begins to develop.
  • Arizona gets a roommate, Andrew DeLuca, a new intern who was in a relationship with Maggie.
  • April returns from Jordan to improve her marriage with Jackson. She realizes she is pregnant before she signs the divorce papers.
  • Arizona tells Jackson that April is pregnant.
  • Jackson and April decide to co-parent.
  • Stephanie begins to move up in the hospital and her colleagues find out about her childhood disease.
  • Stephanie begins to date a MS patient, Kyla Diaz, but he dies after a brain surgery.
  • Bailey hires Nathan Riggs, a friend of April's from the army and he has a dark past with Owen.
  • Nathan dated Owen's sister, Megan.
  • Meredith is brutally attacked by a patient.
  • Meredith kicks Amelia out of her house and Amelia breaks her sobriety.
  • Amelia goes to AA meetings while Meredith is recovering and comes back to the house after breaking up with Owen.
  • Amelia and Meredith teach Penny and she wins the Preminger Grant, which requires her to move to New York for one year.
  • Callies decides to follow Penny with Sofia by her side, without Arizona's consent.
  • Arizona hires a lawyer and goes to court and wins full custody of Sofia.
  • Callie stays in Seattle and breaks up with Penny because she can't leave without Sofia.
  • Jo is married to a man who used to abuse her. She fled from him and can't divorce him without risking him finding her again, which is why she turned down Alex's proposal.
  • Alex beats Andrew because he found Andrew and Jo in a compromising position.
  • Amelia and Owen get married.
  • Nathan and Meredith hook up.
  • Maggie developed feelings for Nathan and mistakingly thinks he feels the same about her.

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Trivia Edit

  • ABC officially renewed Grey's Anatomy on May 7, 2015.
  • This season will be the first not to feature Patrick Dempsey as Derek Shepherd.
  • It was confirmed that season 12 wouldn't be the last season of Grey's Anatomy.
  • Shonda Rhimes called this season the season of rebirth and stated it would be much lighter of tone.
  • Filming started on July 22, 2015 and ended on May 5, 2016.
  • The wrap party was held on May 6, 2016.
  • Ellen Pompeo did the season finale voice over on May 16, 2016.
  • The table read for the premiere took place on July 15, 2015.
  • The table read for the finale took place on April 20, 2016.

Notes Edit

  • This season starts in October 2016 and ends in mid 2017.
  • Jo, Stephanie, and Ben are fifth year residents.
  • Meredith and April are fifth year attendings.
  • Alex and Jackson are third year attendings.
  • Andrew, Issac, Audrey and Mitchell are interns.
  • Penny is in her third year.
  • Bailey was named Chief of Surgery in October 2016.
  • Meredith is appointed Head of General Surgery in late October or early November 2016.

Episodes Edit

12A Edit

Image Title Airdate Series Season
12x01 Sledgehammer September 24, 2015 246 12.01
A secret bond between two injured girls puts their families at war. Bailey meets her rival for the chief position. Meredith navigates changes at home.
12x02 Walking Tall October 1, 2015 247 12.02
Bailey's first day in the new role doesn't go quite as she envisioned. Strange symptoms land April in an isolation unit.
12x03 I Choose You October 8, 2015 248 12.03
When twins are born with a serious illness, Alex faces an impossible decision. Meredith discovers she's not making as much money as her peers.


Old Time Rock and Roll October 15, 2015 249 12.04
During their first "silver flood," the interns get a lesson in delivering bad news to families. Edwards is troubled by a patient's treatment plan.


Guess Who's Coming to Dinner October 22, 2015 250 12.05
An unexpected guest throws a dinner party into turmoil and brings back painful memories for Meredith. Maggie feels the consequences of her fling.


The Me Nobody Knows November 5, 2015 251 12.06
Penny's first day gets off to a rocky start wen she's assigned to Meredith's service. April pushes Jackson to help a boy with tumors on his hands.
12x07 Something Against You November 12, 2015 252 12.07
A last-minute discovery jeopardizes a patient's long-awaited transplant. Meanwhile, another surprise new hire leaves Owen and Maggie seething.
12x08 Things We Lost in the Fire November 19, 2015 253 12.08
As the hospital scrambles to help dozens of injured firefighters, new clues emerge to the tension between Hunt and Riggs.

12B Edit

Image Title Airdate Series Season
12x09 The Sound of Silence February 11, 2016 254 12.09
While tending to victims from a multicar pileup, Meredith suffers a brutal attack that leaves her locked in her own world.
12x10 All I Want Is You February 18, 2016 255 12.10
Meredith begins hospital-mandated therapy, a medically savvy teen patient gives Alex a run for his money. Owen opens up to Amelia.
12x11 Unbreak My Heart February 25, 2016 256 12.11
As April and Jackson reach a turning point, flashbacks trace the complicated evolution of their relationship.
12x12 My Next Life March 3, 2016 257 12.12
A patient from Meredith's past returns and puts Amelia in a tricky position. Webber punishes Andrew for his relationship with Maggie.
12x13 All Eyez On Me March 10, 2016 258 12.13
Meredith and the "dream team" perform a risky experimental surgery at a military hospital. Andrew grows tired of sneaking around with Maggie.
12x14 Odd Man Out March 17, 2016 259 12.14
Webber throws everyone for a loop by forcing the residents to change specialities for the day. Jo works up the nerve to confront Meredith.
12x15 I Am Not Waiting Anymore March 24, 2016 260 12.15
Jackson grapples with April's big news. While helping out on a triple-organ transplant, Meredith greets up for her first date since losing Derek.
12x16 When It Hurts So Bad March 31, 2016 261 12.16
Romantic turmoil abounds as Meredith regrets an encounter with Thorpe. Maggie and Amelia arrive at crossroads with their beaus.
12x17 I Wear the Face April 7, 2016 262 12.17
As the residents compete for a big grant, April and Arizona clash over a young patient who's keeping a secret from her mother.
12x18 There's a Fine, Fine Line April 14, 2016 263 12.18
With the hospital on lockdown, Ben takes drastic measures to help a patient. When Bailey deals with the fallout, she makes a troubling discovery.
12x19 It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) April 14, 2016 264 12.19
While a committee weighs Ben's fate, he faces stinging repercussions at home. Arizona's advice to Callie brings unexpected results.
12x20 Trigger Happy April 21, 2016 265 12.20
An accidental shooting involving two 8-year-old boys leaves everyone rattled. Callie and Arizona lock horns over their daughter's future.
12x21 You're Gonna Need Someone on Your Side April 28, 2016 266 12.21
Ben's new role rankles Bailey. A budding romance leaves Edwards in a frustrating position. April gets worrisome news.
12x22 Mama Tried May 5, 2016 267 12.22
As Callie and Arizona take their battle to court, Alex and April tend to a pregnant teen who's back at the hospital with a troubling injury.
12x23 At Last May 12, 2016 268 12.23
Callie takes her frustrations out on Penny. Edwards faces an emotional encounter with Kyle. Amelia and Owen venture into new territory.
12x24 Family Affair May 19, 2016 269 12.24
Emotions run high as the gang prepares for a wedding. A last-minute errand lands April and Ben in a harrowing situation.

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