It's... a look patients get in their eyes. There is a scent. The smell of death. Some kind of sixth sense. When the great beyond is headed for you, you feel it coming. What's the one thing you've always dreamed of doing before you die? Okay, hello? Clearly not my dream. See... I told you. Not in my dream.
It's the End of the World
Season 2, Episode 16
Air date February 5, 2006
Written by Shonda Rhimes
Directed by Peter Horton
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As We Know It

It's the End of the World is the sixteenth episode of the second season and the twenty-fifth episode overall of Grey's Anatomy.



The episode starts with a dream with Izzie, Christina, and Meredith, naked in a shower. It was George's dream.

In the morning, Meredith doesn't want to come out of the bed as she tells them she has a feeling that she might die, but Cristina still pulls her out.

Miranda Bailey comes to the hospital and tells every intern to do some work or the other, and suddenly her water breaks.

The ambulance arrives with a patient who is bleeding severely, a woman who is screaming non-stop, and a paramedic with her hand inside of the patient to prevent him from bleeding out and dying.

When Alex returns to the screaming and shocked woman, who is the patient's wife, and asks her what happened exactly, it turns out that the patient has been shot with a Bazzoka (a bomb in World War II), which hasn't exploded yet. Alex runs to the OR and reaches in time and talks to Dr. Burke. Then, Dr. Burke calls Meredith and tells her to walk out of the room, not to run, and asks her to tell the Nurse in charge "Code Black" and tell her to call the Bomb squad.

Dr. Shepard's team, who is with Dr. Bailey's husband, doesn't eave the OR because he doesn't want to be the one to kill him.

Meanwhile, Izzie and George talk to and she tells him that they're watchers, not doers.

Izzie doesn't want to go to otherwise and tells Alex to take off his pants and they both have a moment.

Dr. Burke tells Hannah not to panic, they tell her that everything will be fine as the bomb squad will be coming soon. When Dr. Milton and Hannah are alone, he hands over the anesthesia device to Hannah, tells her to squeeze it in even beats, and walks out of the room, leaving her all alone with the patient and her hand on the bomb.

The bomb squad arrives and looks at the X-Ray seeing what could be done. Dylan Young says that the bomb is very unstable and very unreliable and can explode at any time.

As they are talking, Cristina calls them out saying, "Help." They both go running into the OR and see that Hannah is extremely scared and wants to pull her hand out nice and quick. They tell her not to panic as it won't be much longer, but she starts freaking out and she pulls her hand out and runs away. Everyone in the OR, Christina, Dr. Burke, and Dylan duck their heads, but Meredith doesn't as now, she's the one with her hand inside the patient. ==Plot==