Hannah Davies
Biographical Information
Status: Alive
Family Information
Character Information
Profession: Paramedic
Portrayed by: Christina Ricci
First Appearance: It's the End of the World
Lastest Appearance: As We Know It
Seasons: 2
Hannah Davies was a paramedic who used her own hand to tamponade a wound which turned out to have a bomb inside it.

Season 2 Edit

She and her partner picked up James Carlson after he was shot with a bazooka he and his friend made. She was unable to stop the bleeding with gauze, so she put her hand in the wound, which stopped the bleeding. When they got to the hospital, they discovered that her hand was possibly holding the ammunition in place and so told her not to remove her hand. As they worked with the bomb squad to form a plan, she was left alone with Milton, who went on top tell her about pink mist and then left alone to manually respirate the patient while she kept her hand steady. She was visibly upset after he left and when Cristina and Meredith found her, she was contemplating removing her hand. She did ultimately remove it, but Meredith quickly replaced Hannah's hand with her own.

After running away, she went to the stairwell, where George found her and helped her with a wound she got from running away. After the bomb exploded, Burke told Mindy Carlson that Hannah saved her husband's life. Mindy hugged her and thanked her.

Career Edit

Hannah is a paramedic, who helped stop a bleeding in an injured patient and held a bomb in place her second week on the job. Larry was her partner.

Trivia Edit

  • She was 22 years years old at the time of the incident with the bomb.