Biographical Information
Status: Alive
Family Information
Marital: Izzie Stevens (ex-girlfriend)
Character Information
Profession: Hockey player
Portrayed by: Jonathan Scarfe
Appears in: Shake Your Groove Thing
Seasons: 1
Hank was Izzie Stevens' boyfriend who she dated prior to starting her internship.

Season 1 Edit

When Hank was coming into town, Izzie threw a party at the house so that Hank could get to know her hospital friends. However, Hank arrived at the party to find that Izzie was still at the hospital. He went to the hospital to confront her and when she said that her patients had to be the priority, they ended their relationship.

Relationships Edit

He dated Izzie prior to the start of her internship. Their relationship ended shortly after she started her internship because her new job left very little time for them to be together.

Career Edit

Hank plays hockey professionally.