We all go through life like bulls in a china shop. A chip here, a crack there. Doing damage to ourselves, to other people. The problem is trying to figure out how to control the damage we've done, or that's been done to us. Sometimes the damage catches us by surprise. Sometimes we think we can fix the damage. And sometimes the damage is something we can't even see. We're all damaged, it seems. Some of us, more than others. We carry the damage with us from childhood, then as grownups, we give as good as we get. Ultimately, we all do damage. And then, we set about the business of fixing whatever we can.
Damage Case
Season 2, Episode 24
Air date May 7, 2006
Written by Mimi Schmir
Directed by Tony Goldwyn
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Damage Case is twenty-fourth episode of the second season and the thirty-third overall episode of Grey's Anatomy.


Anger is in the air, as Derek is angry at Meredith for seeing McVet, Burke is at Cristina for falling asleep before he finished, Alex is still angry at She-Shepherd pulling him off surgery, Callie is angry at George for not defending her and the patients of a car crash are angry at the docotr responsible for the crash.